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  • Consider what you eat first. If you get fruit salad that is dressed, eat that first. Eat salads first or things with dairy maybe whereas... blueberry pancake muffins can keep a little longer.
  • I let my Elf make the complicated items, while I add a few easy prep sides to turn three family meals into an  entire week of dinners + lunches for our family of six.
  • Pick the complicated main dishes. Your Dinner Elf makes everything from scratch, so think about the time-consuming dishes your family loves: meatballs, complex casseroles, stews, pot pies, homemade mac and cheese, and chopped salads with scratch-made dressings.
  • Pick sides that can stretch into other meals. Think about sides as a head start on hot breakfast and homemade school lunches. They have a variety of breakfast cookies, muffins, mini quiches, pasta salads, and both fruit and vegetable salad sides that can give every meal in your day a home-cooked boost.
  • Supplement with the easy stuff. I buy a few bagged salad kits, a baguette or two of fresh bakery bread, and add some easy slow cooker bean or soup recipes that require little more from me than remembering to toss in the ingredients and turn on in the morning to compliment dinner that night.
  • We usually get more than three nights of dinner out of the dishes. And then any smaller remaining portions I freeze for lunches or frozen leftover dinner night down the line.
  • Request protein substitutes on recipes to create new dinners. If you're vegetarian, request plant-based protein substitutes. 
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