Our trusted Elves are professional cooks and nice humans. If you’ve had a cleaner in your home, our service will feel familiar.


We're picky when selecting Elves.

  • Professional cooks - A culinary degree and/or professional cooking experience
  • Nice humans - Someone you personally like and would recommend to friends
  • Grown-up - Mature with good customer service instincts


Safety is our number one priority. To join the platform, Elves must pass multiple checks.

In addition, all Elves are covered by a $1 million dollar insurance policy.


When booking an appointment, click to review helpful statistics about each Elf. 


Elf profile pages also include customer reviews. Also see Yelp and Google


Read their work and personal history along with photos. 

If you or someone you know would like to apply to cook for Dinner Elf, visit our apply page

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