Booking appointments

Schedule your appointments, online 24/7, out for 60 days. 

How to schedule

First, go to your booking page as a new customer or as a returning customer and select a repeating or single spot.

  • Repeating - A weekly spot with your favorite chef and time. 
  • Single - A single appointment within the next 7 days. 

When booking, you'll see lots of information about your chef, including ratings, reviews, time in home, and more.

On your desktop, roll over any name for more info.

Or click their name to see their bio, reviews, and much more.

Then click on a green + button to confirm your appointment time. 👍


To hold a spot on your Elf's schedule, you're charged a $35 deposit that is applied to your final payment the night prior to your appointment.


If you don't see a date or time that works, send a request.

  • Elves will get notified of your request.
  • They can update their cooking geography or schedule.
  • If an update matches your request (up to three times), you'll get notified.

Scheduling notes

  • Elves set their own schedules and cooking geography (by zip code).
  • All appointments have subject to our cancellation policy.
  • You can book single appointments out 7 days.
  • You can book single or repeating appointments. 


Q: Where do you cook?  
A: We cook in central Texas and the Denver area. Check if we cook in your zip code.  

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