Cancellation policy

Our cancellation policy is a fair balance for both customers and Elves. 

How to cancel
Fees and refunds
> If you cancel
> If your Elf cancels

How to cancel

Cancel a single spot

From your schedule, navigate to your appointment page and click the green > button. 

From your appointment page, click the cancel link on the top of your page.

 💡 After canceling, you can reschedule to transfer your menu.

Cancel a weekly spot (all appointments)

From your schedule, click the green x button.

All of your single appointments on this day and time will get canceled. New appointments will no longer get automatically added.

Fees and refunds

Our cancellation fees and refunds are designed to encourage you and your Elf to give lots of advance notice if canceling.

If YOU cancel

To keep great Elves cooking for you, we ask for a $35 deposit to hold a reservation and advance notice when canceling.

Full refund Loss of $35 deposit
If you cancel by 5pm, 3 days prior If you cancel after 5pm, 3 days prior
Ex: For Monday's spot, you cancel on Thursday Ex. For Monday's spot, you cancel after 5pm on Friday

⚠️COVID-19: If you or a member of your household have tested positive for the virus, or is under doctor-recommended quarantine due to exposure to the virus, please cancel your appointment. All fees will be waived. 


  • You'll always see cancellation terms on your appointment page.
  • If you book and cancel within 60 minutes, you'll receive a full refund. 
  • If you cancel after your Elf leaves the grocery store (e.g. an hour before your start time), you may lose all of your appointment cost.

If your ELF cancels

Cancellations are inconvenient, so we give you a credit towards a future appointment as a small apology. 

$25 credit $10 credit
If an Elf cancels after  4pm the day prior
If an Elf cancels within 7 days of an appointment
Ex: For Monday's spot, your Elf cancels after  4pm on Sunday Ex: For Monday's spot, your Elf cancels the previous Tuesday


Q: What if there's a weather emergency (e.g. flooding, snow)?
A: If your zip code is under a state of emergency or local schools are delayed or closed, an Elf can cancel their appointment with no credit to you.

We're still working on weather-immune transportation... 

Q: Can I reschedule, instead of canceling, so I don't lose my deposit?
A: No. From an Elf's perspective, rescheduling is the same as canceling, as they may not get rebooked in their original spot.  

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