Rewards program

Get dinner and give dinner with rewards. 

Earn rewards
Redeem rewards

Earn rewards


The best way to earn rewards is by recommending Dinner Elf to friends. 

What you earn

Earn $5 in rewards every time friends in your network complete appointments.

Friend appt #1 You earn $5 in rewards
Friend appt #2 You earn $5 in rewards
Friend appt #3... Up to $250 per friend

💡Earn rewards from unlimited friends (e.g. 5 friends x $250 max per friend = $1250 in rewards).

Add friends 

Friends are added to your referral network if they haven't completed an appointment yet and

use your referral code, or    
receive a Dinner Elf gift from you, or
receive or donate to a group gift started by you, or
use a fundraising code requested by you.

Share your referral code

On your rewards page or any appointment page, use the buttons to share your referral code. Friends receive $10 off their first appointment.

Other ways to earn

From your rewards page, earn rewards now by following Dinner Elf on Facebook, posting on social media, and more.

Redeem rewards

Redeem rewards for Dinner Elf appointments and gifts.

⚡  For appointments - Get dinners for your family! Redeem rewards from your appointment pages.

⚡  For gifts - Give dinners to friends! Redeem rewards from our giving checkout.

💡Rewards redeem 1:1 for appointments and gifts (e.g. $50 in rewards redeem for $50 off an appointment).  


Q: What are the best ways to grow my referral network and earn rewards?   
A: Group gifts - Start a group gift (your recipient and all donors are added to your network). 
A: Gifts - Give Dinner Elf to a busy friend (you'll earn rewards for all their appointments).
A: Social media - Recommend Dinner Elf on Nextdoor and Facebook groups with your referral code.
A: Fundraisers - Invite a school to share a fundraising code to raise money. New customers join your network.

Q: How can I see what I've earned and redeemed?
A: On your rewards page, see the activity tab for activity over the last 60 days.

Q: How will I know if a friend joins my network?
A: You'll get an email. You can see the total number of friends in your network on your rewards page, but we do not display names for privacy reasons.

Q: Do rewards expire?
A: Rewards expire after 12 months without any reward activity (any earnings or redemptions). Don't worry - we'll let you know if you're getting close to expiry.

Q: What happened to old reward points? 
A: Legacy reward points were automatically converted to reward dollars in April 2020 for all customers. 

Q: Can I get rewards for a customer I referred prior to April 2020? 
A: Sorry, no. 

Q: Can I get rewards for a customer who didn't use my code?
A: If they haven't completed their first appointment, ask them to email support and we'll add them to your referral network. 

Q: Are any strings attached?
A: Not many. Rewards and discounts are not eligible for sample appointments.  

Q: How do you get a recipe named after yourself?
A: Once you've been a customer for a long time, you'll get a special VIP invite. 


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