Dinner Elf 101

Pick a time and menu and a cook prepares affordable dinners right in your kitchen. 

1- Pick a date and time 

Find a spot that works in your schedule (you don't have to be home). You'll find reviews and ratings on all of our Elves. 

2 - Pick your menu

Our big menu works for most diets and tastes. For less than takeout (including groceries), you'll love our choices. Each dinner comes with a main and side.

3 - Your Elf arrives

Your background-checked cook arrives at your home with groceries and tools. They'll prepare 3 nights of dinner in a 2-3 hour cooking appointment. 

4 - Your Elf cleans up

Dinners will be stored in containers provided by your Elf. Your kitchen will be cleaner than you left it. ✨

Enjoy dinner!

You'll have three nights of dinner ready in your fridge! Spend more time on what matters most. 😀


Q: Do you offer delivery?
A: No, we cook exclusively in the home. Our focus is home-cooked love! ❤️

Q: Can I get just mains? Just sides? Four nights of dinner?
A: To keep our prices low with easy online booking, we standardize our appointments to always cook three nights of dinners, each with a main and side. 

Q: You're booked out for a few weeks. What's up?
A: We get busy. Many customers book a single appointment. If they like their experience, they put dinner on autopilot to get on an Elf's weekly schedule.

Customer reviews about cooking

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