Gifts are great after a new baby, big sale, illness, injury, or any number of occasions. 

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🚩 We don't recommend booking an appointment for a friend, as this often causes problems. Instead, send a gift!

Order online

Giving Dinner Elf is both easy and personal.

Go to giving checkout.
Pick a package and an image for your gift email.
Your recipient gets a credit to pick any dinners they like.

Gift packages

After you pick an occasion, select a package they might enjoy.

  • Packages are affordable, starting at $50.
  • Select "Any Menu" If you want to make sure your recipient has no out-of-pocket expense. 

💡You'll give a gift  package, but they'll use a credit to order anything on the menu. If you'd like to give a specific credit (e.g. $100), adjust your package to give your amount.

Images in your email

Add an image to your gift email. 

Text message

Add your recipient's phone number to share the love by text. 

They'll get the text: "[your name] just gave you dinner from Dinner Elf! See your email for more details :)"

Gift email

  • Prior to sending your email, you can send a test email to yourself.
  • Add a comma to send to multiple emails.
  • Tip: Use your own email to print the gift. 
  • Once you're ready, send the email or schedule it for later.
  • When your recipient opens their email, you'll get a confirmation email.

Your giving page 

After you order, review your giving page that includes:

  • A list of all your past gifts
  • The email status of each gift (e.g. "Opened")

Frequently asked questions

Q: Will I be notified when they use my gift?

A: No, for privacy reasons we don't share this information. 

Q: How can I give a physical gift?

A: For the recipient email address, use your own email. You can then print the email. 

Q: Can I send a gift for a specific dollar amount?

A: At the moment, we only offer packages, but you can typically adjust your choices to get close to your preferred amount. 

Q: How can multiple people pitch in to give dinner?

A: See our group gifts

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