Redeem a gift

We look forward to cooking for you! Redeeming your gift is easy. 

Step 1: What did you receive?

Gift (most common) friend gave you a gift
Group gift Many friends contributed to a group gift page (example)

Step 2: Redeem

We always require a backup payment method. Your credit is used first.

Visit our appointment checkout to pick a good appointment time. 

For gift recipients

On (a) appointment checkout or (b) at the bottom of your booked appointment page, enter your code.

For group gift recipients

On checkout, use the same email address where you received your group gift email. No code is needed.


  • If you don't see your credit, contact support and we'll help.
  • Your email may reference a package (e.g. "3 nights of dinner"), but you actually receive a credit to any way you'd like. 
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