You'll love our home-cooked goodness!


Your Elf cooks each recipe from scratch, using whole ingredients wherever possible and emphasizing fresh produce and lean proteins. Everything is made right in your kitchen just for your family. 💚

Our large menu includes options for almost every preference.

Use our filters to view mains, sides, cuisines, diets, proteins, and more.


On your desktop, move your cursor over an i icon to see a description and ingredients. 

Click for more details, including quantities. 

💡 We currently do not offer nutritional labels or calorie counts, but you'll find the full ingredient list and quantities for every recipe.

Reheating instructions

On your appointment page, click the recipe name to view the recipe detail page.

At the bottom you'll find reheating instructions.

If you item is frozen before enjoying, we recommend defrosting in the fridge for 24 hours and then following our usual reheating directions.

New recipes

Our recipes are created with love in partnership with Nicole (co-founder), our recipe planner, Elves, and our customers. 

💡 We add more recipes a few times per year. See recent additions.


Since we're cooking just for you, we can tweak our recipes.

  • To add more variety, request a protein substitute (e.g. ground turkey for pork). 
  • Consider our food allergy options.
  • Add appointment notes to remove items, adjust seasoning, and more.
  • Update your likes to get better-suggested menus.


Q: Can you make the chicken paprika that my Hungarian grandmother used to make me as a kid?

A: This sounds really yummy, but only cook from our menu

Q: How big are your portion sizes?

A: They'll fill your belly. Learn more.

Q: Can I get organic groceries?

A: Yes, learn more.

Q: Who does your food photography?

A: The incredibly talented Amy Dang photographs most of our food. We highly recommend her.

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