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Your Elf not only cooks, but also grocery shops for you. 👍






Supply your own



At Dinner Elf, we separate ingredients into two types: (1) groceries and (2) staples.

💡 Learn about food allergies, dietary preferences, nutritional labels, and more here

  • Your Elf shops for these perishable items (e.g. eggs) en route to your home. 
  • You'll pay for the minimum purchase size (e.g. half dozen if 4 eggs are used).
  • On your appointment page, give your Elf instructions for leftover groceries (e.g. 2 eggs).

  • After your appointment, view their grocery receipt from your appointment page.

  • Your Elf carries these shelf-stable items (e.g. vinegar) to multiple appointments. 
  • You'll pay for the amount used in the recipe (e.g. $.33 for vinegar).
  • After your appointment, you'll see the itemized staples list from your appointment page.
Ingredient costs

You'll only pay what your Elf pays (no mark-up) with full transparency of ingredient costs. Learn more about billing.

Supply your own ingredients

You can supply some of your own ingredients for your appointment. 

  • Staples (e.g., olive oil): Leave your chef a note on your appointment page by 5pm the night prior and/or leave them out on your counter.
  • Groceries (e.g., eggs): Leave your chef a note on your appointment page by 5pm the night prior. 

  • We don't offer appointment-specific ingredient lists, but for recipe-specific lists, visit your appointment page and click on any recipe.

⚠️ We don't recommend you supply all groceries and/or staples, as customers often forget a few items, causing hiccups. Plus, your service fee pays for your chef to grocery shop for you.


You can request premium/organic groceries.

To update your organic preference for:

  • a single appointment, update your appointment page
  • for all appointments, update your profile page

💡This preference applies to your entire order. If you only want organic for specific groceries (e.g. just chicken), choose "no" and add appointment notes on your appointment page.

Organic groceries notes

  • At your request, your Elf will purchase organic groceries whenever possible (best efforts). 
  • If an organic/premium ingredient is not available, a substitute (e.g. hormone-free, wild-caught) or non-organic version will be used.  
  • Staples are stocked by each Elf and are not organic.
  • Your Elf shops at a regular grocery store (e.g. HEB, Kroger) for organic groceries unless you request a specific store (e.g., Whole Foods, Central Market) within 3 miles/10 minutes of your home.
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