For the same cost as take-out, get a personal chef to cook just for your family. Your home-cooked loved will be ready in the fridge for easy reheating. 😀

$124 + ingredients

  • $124 - Your Elf shops, cooks 3 nights of dinners (each serving 2 or 4 persons), and cleans up.
  • Ingredients - Pay what your Elf pays. You'll get the grocery receipt. 
  • Other - Tip ($25 average) and tax are added.

💡 Many customers save money in their grocery budget because of our efficiency and avoiding impulse purchases. 👍

What you get

Your Elf grocery shops, travels to your home, cooks dinners, and cleans up. In one appointment, you'll get 3 nights of dinner each serving a family of four (or two) persons.  

All-in costs

The below examples are for 12 servings (3 nights x 4 persons). Like a restaurant, your price varies on your menu. 

Budget dinners Total
$124 service
+$44 ingredients
Average dinners Total
$124 service
+$68 ingredients
High dinners Total
$124 service
+$92 ingredients
  • The above prices do not include tax, tip (about $25), or containers (optional).
  • Save even more when you refer friends to Dinner Elf.

💡 For money-saving tips, see our article for tight budgets.


You cook - With Dinner Elf, you won't shop, cook, or clean up.

Meal kits - Similar price, but you won't cook or clean up.

Grab and go - Similar price, but you'll skip the pickup. 

Restaurant delivery - Similar price, but you'll eat better.

  Eating out - Similar price, but your life will be easier. 😀

Customer reviews about cost

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