Repeating appointments

Relax! Get the chef, day, and time you prefer when you set a repeating appointment.


Popular chefs and days get booked quickly! Put dinner on autopilot so you always have the option for Dinner Elf to fix dinner on busy weeks. 

✔️ Hold your favorite chef and time
✔️ Auto-scheduled 60 days out
✔️ Same no risk cancellation policy
✔️ Smart: No risk and no extra cost

If you like Dinner Elf, this is a no-brainer!

Get started

Once you have an account, go to your add appointments page and select repeating.

Click a green plus button to select your Elf, day, and time.

Your appointments are automatically scheduled out 60 days. 👍


Q: Is there any commitment? How do I cancel?
A: There's no commitment. Cancel from your recurring spots from your schedule page anytime. 

Q: Can a skip a week or two?
A: Yes! From any appointment page, cancel individual appointments based on our easy cancelation policy (no fee if you cancel by 5pm, 3 days prior).

Q: How are appointments scheduled?
A: Your appointments are automatically added to your chef's schedule 60 days out before anyone can book them from single appointments. 

Q: Can I book a recurring spot with multiple chefs and keep canceling?
A: Our Elves are magical cooks, but also human. Please make a good faith effort to give business to your Elf. For frequent cancellations (e.g. four times in a row), we reserve the right to cancel your repeating spot so other customers can book with them. 

Our goal is to fix dinner for you! We hope this helps. 😀

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