Weekly appointments

Relax! Get the chef, day, and time you prefer when you set a weekly appointment.


Popular chefs and days get booked quickly! Put dinner on autopilot so you always have the option for Dinner Elf to fix dinner on busy weeks. 

If you like Dinner Elf, this is a no-brainer!

Get started

Once you have an account, go to your add appointments page and select weekly.

Click a green plus button to select your Elf, day, and time.

Your appointments are automatically scheduled out 60 days. 👍


Q: Is there any commitment? How do I cancel?

A: There's no commitment. Cancel from your recurring spots from your schedule page anytime. 

Q: Can I skip a week or two?

A: Yes! From any appointment page, cancel individual appointments based on our easy cancelation policy (no fee if you cancel by 5pm, 3 days prior).

Q: Can I book an every-other-week appointment?

A: Sort of. You can book a weekly spot and then cancel alternating single appointments. But for high-demand days (e.g., Monday and Tuesday), a chef may prefer a more consistent customer. Book the weekly and then ask your chef at your first appointment.

Q: Can I book a monthly appointment?

A: Unfortunately, no. If you'd like a monthly appointment, return to our website a week prior to your requested date (e.g., the Monday prior to the Monday you want) for the first chance to view availability. We get lots of cancellations and bookings daily, so check back if you don't find the spot you want.

Q: Can I start in two weeks?

A: Yes, book your weekly now and cancel your first booked appointment. If this spot is within 3 days of today, you can still cancel within 30 minutes of booking for no fee.  

Q: How are appointments scheduled?

A: Your appointments are automatically added to your chef's schedule 60 days out before anyone can book them from single appointments. 

Q: Can I book a weekly spot and keep canceling?

A: Our Elves are magical cooks, but also human. Please make a good-faith effort to give business to your Elf, since you're holding a spot on their schedule. 

For frequent cancellations (e.g., three times in a row), we may cancel your weekly spot so your chef can get a recurring spot with another customer. You can just book single spots (not weekly).

Our goal is to fix dinner for you! We hope this helps. 😀

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