For tight budgets

With a few tweaks, Dinner Elf can be more affordable for tight budgets. 

Update your favorites

Limit your favorites to the least expensive items on the menu.

In your favorites, update your filter to "Budget."
Click "I only want budget".

Now when picking menus for your appointments, you'll only see budget options.

💡 For variety, add a few casseroles. They're more expensive, but their portion sizes are huge. 

Select family size

For the best bang-for-your-buck, select family-size dinners. 

  • They're twice the size of 2-person size dinners. 
  • Your ingredient cost will increase some, but your service fee remains the same. 
  • Even if you're not feeding a family, freeze extra food for leftovers. 
Go to your profile page.
Set your default order size to "Family".

Other money saving tips

Customer reviews about cost

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