Safety sandwiches for kids

Get peanut butter sandwiches to help with your choosy little eaters.

What's a safety sandwich?

They're a bonus side of peanut butter sandwiches in case your little ones don't like your regular menu or to use as an easy start to school lunch packing!

How much?

They're included in your service fee, but your grocery bill may increase by about $5. Leave out your own bread and peanut butter to avoid any extra cost.

How do I add this to my appointment?

On any appointment page, select "Yes" next to safety sandwich and add any notes. 


  • For family-size orders, your Elf will prepare six sandwiches. For 2-person, they'll prepare three.
  • Add a note for your Elf if you plan to leave out jelly or your own bread and peanut butter.
  • Your request will be applied to all of your future appointments.

Hopefully this helps you avoid food battles, and gives them the security to try some new meals!

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