Like items to more quickly set your appointment menus. Spend a few minutes now to save lots of time every week. 🎉

Mains and sides

Click thumb icons to like or dislike recipes.

  • You can like recipes from your likes page, recipe detail pages, and completed appointment pages.
  • To reverse a choice back to unrated, click the button again.
  • Your ratings affect what recipes appear in (1) suggested menus and (2) main/side swap choices:
Rating Appear in suggested menus? Appear in swap choices?
Liked Yes Yes
Unrated Maybe (if not enough likes) Yes
Disliked No No

Use the filter and sort dropdowns to adjust your search.

Bulk changes

To rate many recipes at once (e.g., all vegetarian), change the filter and click the bulk rating buttons.

  • 💡 To choose the opposite of a filter, change Are to Are not. For example, to dislike recipes with gluten, change the filter to "Are not gluten-free" and bulk dislike.


Set nightly preferences for your suggested menus. For example, you might like a poultry, salad, and kid-friendly dinner each week. 

Suggested menus

Your suggested menus are set on your appointment pages as a starting point. As you fine-tune your likes, your suggested menus may get so good that you don't need to make updates! 🎉

Pro tips and notes

Number of likes - At first, you won't have many liked recipes, so your suggested menus will show liked and unrated recipes (e.g., no disliked).

  • Once you've liked 50 mains and 50 sides, your suggested menus will only show liked recipes

Limited filters - Want salmon every week? We only offer a "fish" filter, but you can combine nightly preferences and likes using these steps.

  1. Likes (page) > Nights (tab) > Pick "Fish" as a nightly preference
  2. Likes (page) > Mains (tab) > (1) Filter for fish and (2) dislike all shrimp, tuna, etc. to just get salmon

Specific dinners - Does your kiddo love a specific main/side? We don't offer recipe-specific nightly preferences but consider using these steps.

  1. Schedule > Last completed appointment > Find the "night" of your pair (e.g., night #1 is the first)
  2. Likes (page) > Nights (tab) > Pick "Same as last appt" for the same night

New dinners - New Dinner Elf recipes are added as unrated. You'll get reminders to rate them.

Suggested menu timing - Nightly preference changes are reflected in suggested menus that you haven't updated yet.

Need advice on how to set your suggested menus? Just email support and we'll help!

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