Update your menu

Updating your menu can easily be done online.

Swapping mains and sides
Pairing constraints
Deadline for making changes


Every dinner comes with a main and side. To start, you'll see suggested dinners that you can change.

💡 Elves always cook three nights of dinner in an appointment. For more than three dinners, you can book two appointments.

Swapping dinners

To swap a main or side, click one of the orange swap buttons.

Swapping mains

In your list of mains, you'll see choices from

  • your favorites
  • and filters you select (e.g. kid-friendly) 

💡 When swapping a main, you'll also need to pick a new side.

Swapping sides

In your list of sides, you'll see choices from

  • your favorites (add more)
  • and filters
  • and the opposite cook method (oven/stove) of your main 

Pairing constraints

To prevent cooking six items that all use the oven or stove, we limit side pairings to ones of the opposite cook method. To view a different list of side options, pick mains from either the "Cooked in oven" or "Cooked on stove" filter.

Deadline to update your menu

Update your menu any time before until 5 pm the night prior to your appointment.  


Q: Why are some recipes named after customers?

A: Our best customers with lots of points earned a special reward. 😊

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