Update your menu

Updating your menu can easily be done online.

Basics of updating your menu
Swapping mains and sides
Deadline for making changes


Every dinner comes with a main and side. To start, you'll see suggested dinners that you can change.

TIP Elves always cook three nights of dinner in an appointment. For more than three dinners, you can book two appointments.

Swapping dinners

To swap a main or side, click one of the orange swap buttons.

Swapping mains

In your list of mains, you'll see choices from

TIP When swapping a main, you'll also need to pick a new side.

Swapping sides

In your list of sides, you'll see choices from

  • your favorites (add more)
  • and filters
  • and the opposite cook method (oven/stove) of your main 

WHY To prevent cooking six items that all use the oven or stove, we limit side pairings to ones of the opposite cook method.

To view a different list of side options, pick mains from either the "Cooked in oven" or "Cooked on stove" filter.

Deadline to update your menu

Update your menu any time before until 5 pm the night prior to your appointment.  


Q: Why are some recipes named after customers?

A: Our best customers with lots of points earned a special reward. 😊

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