Update your favorites to only see dinner choices you really love.

Update your favorites

Add or remove mains and sides from your favorites page by tapping the buttons below the photo. 

On your favorites page, you can filter dinners and so you add/remove many at once.

  • If you have an allergy, you can include only gluten-free dinners. 
  • If you dislike a cuisine, you can remove all mains and sides from a cuisine (e.g. Italian). 

💡For variety, pick 50+ favorites. We  require 10 favorites to create orders with a balance of stove/oven cook methods.

Reset your favorites

If you want to start new, add all recipes back to your favorites.

Click "Removed."  
Click "Add All Removed."  

New dinners

New dinners added to the Dinner Elf menu will automatically get added to your favorites, unless you've noted an allergy.

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