For groups and parties

We might be a great fit for your large group, but we're a little different from a traditional personal chef service. Check out our options. 

Large dinner (6-12 guests)
Custom dinners

Sit-down dinners of 6-12 adults

We're an affordable fit ($135 + ingredients) for dinner parties between 6-12 adults.

Quantity of food

In a cooking appointment, we always cook three dinners (main and side) serving a total of 6 or 12 adults. For example, you might pick three different dinners to accommodate your guests.

Dinner 1 Dinner 2 Dinner 3
vegetarian (serving 2 or 4) meat (serving 2 or 4) gluten-free (serving 2 or 4)


  • If you need more than 12 adult portions, you can book more than one appointment. 
  • Book an appointment the same day or a day prior to easily reheat items when guests arrive. If an Elf is available, book 2-3 hours prior to serve right out of the oven.

High-end, custom dinner

If you need a plated, high-end dinner with appetizers, entrees, and desserts with special requests and service during the meal, we probably aren't a great fit. 

💡If we're not a fit, make a request on for more traditional chefs to bid on your dinner.


Q: Can you deliver food?
A: No, we specialize in cooking in our customers' homes. 

Q: How far do you book out?
A: We book out 7 days. See our availability.

Q: If I order an appetizer or dessert as a main or side, does this count as one of my 3 mains or 3 sides?
A: Yes. You can always book a second appointment if you need more food.

Q: Can you plate food?
A: For sit-down dinners, items are not normally plated, but you can leave a note for your elf. For party bite items, they are normally plated. 

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