Why Dinner Elf?

Dinner Elf is the best way to fix dinner.


Homemade goodness is literally waiting in your fridge for easy reheating. Skip the wait of pickup, delivery, or cook time.  

Online booking

Set up everything online, 24/7. Book single appointments for busy weeks or grab a repeating spot with your favorite Elf.

Update your menus while in the carpool line or from the soccer field.

Custom for your family

Adjust your dinners for your taste, diet, and allergy restrictions. Choose from our huge menu and add appointment notes.

Eat well

All dinners are made from scratch with whole ingredients and love.


Dinner Elf was made by two working parents who (sorta) understand kids.


Finally, Dinner Elf was designed for everyone, not just the one percent. For less than house cleaning, get back time for what matters most.

Next steps

Learn the basics of how Dinner Elf works, book your first appointment or give home-cooked love

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