Group gifts

Start a group gift to easily organize a group gift of dinner. Invite friends, extended family, and co-workers to give home-cooked love.

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Meal pages are both beautiful and easy to use. As an example, see how Pippa might have set up a page for Princess Kate. 😉


From your organizer page, set up your page in minutes.

Add a message and upload a photo (optional).
Set your notification date a few days in the future to give time for friends to give. 
Share by email, Facebook, or any method.


Donors can add a message, remain anonymous, and give as little as $20. 

Your recipient

The morning of your notification date, your recipient receives an email and text (optional) of their gift. They can use their credit for the menu and day that's best for them! 

Frequently asked questions

Q: What if I already have a meal calendar?

A: Great! Add your meal page link to your existing calendar as another option for busy or out-of-town friends who can't make and take a meal over.

Q: Is a group gift better than a regular gift?

A: If multiple people are contributing, everyone will find a group gift much easier.  

Q: Will I know if my recipient gets their notification email?

A: Yes! You can see your email status and resend an email from your organizer page.

Q: Can I notify my recipient now?

A: Yes, just change your notification date to today and notifications are sent within a few minutes.

Q: Can donors give dinner after the notification date?

A: Yes, additional donations will get added to your friend's account and they'll be notified by email.

Q: Donors have exceeded my expectations! Can I turn the page off?

A: Most recipients love more dinners, but from your admin page you can either:

  • update your page description (e.g. "Update: Let's redirect our giving to...") or
  • click "Hide page" from your group admin page (they'll see this page).

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