For new parents

Dinner Elf is perfect for new parents.

Gifts for new parents

Give them the gift of healthy food and more time for what matters most. Our gift packages include many options for new parents.

Group gifts allow friends from anywhere to contribute towards some home-cooked love.

New mom menu

Our new mom menu is designed to give mom a break from cooking and nourish her with meals that support adequate and nutritious milk supply for baby’s growth and comfort. 


  • gas-producing vegetables such as onion, brussels sprouts, cabbage, beans, spicy foods
  • antigalactagogues, such as peppermint, parsley and sage which are known to decrease breast milk production
  • high mercury content fish sources


  • tummy-friendly, digestible foods
  • only low mercury fish sources, such as salmon, tilapia, and cod
  • ingredients that promote an adequate & nutritious milk supply for nursing mothers. 

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