For aging parents

If you're a daughter or son who wants to help your aging parents with dinner, Dinner Elf may be a good solution.

Portion sizes

We always cook three nights of dinner for each appointment. Each dinner (a main and side) serves either 2 adults or 4 adults ("family size"). Reheating is easy.

If we're cooking for just one, they can freeze some for later or eat lunch leftovers.  


The booking of appointments and picking dinners is easily done online. But if your elderly mom or dad isn't comfortable using a computer, you can:

  • place orders for them (from anywhere online) and/or
  • put dinner on autopilot to simplify everything (see below). 


In just a few minutes, set up an online account so everything runs on autopilot.

  • Book your first appointment (use your parent's address). You can add two emails so you're always in the loop with notifications.
  • From our large menu, pick a few dinners as favorites
  • Set a weekly or every-other-week appointment (e.g. every Tuesday at 2pm) with the same Elf.

Then appointments are automatically created, menus are pre-populated with favorites, and payments are automatically charged. Easily make changes online. 


Finally, we're surprisingly affordable. See our costs


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